SNDBOX is now OPSWAT Sandbox

Blazing-fast Dynamic Analysis

The OPSWAT Sandbox provides unrivaled protection with the fastest, most innovative dynamic analysis and AI-driven detection in the industry.

Until now, there was no other on-premises sandbox solution addressing Critical Infrastructures, particularly those with both IT and OT environments.

With the OPSWAT Sandbox, you can now analyze OT-targeted malware associated with industrial systems in their applicable application environment, as well as IT-targeted malware in the same product.

Ultra Fast and Deep Learning

Fast and accurate malware analysis at less cost.

Reduce Analysis Time

  • Reduces the mean time to detect (MTTD) by simplifying the process of analyzing malware across security engineering, operations and analysis.
  • Accelerates the incident response process by identifying more stages of the attack and delivering the most comprehensive set if IOCs.

Deliver Complete Visibility

  • Provides a single platform to assess risk across both IT and OT environments, and uniquely secures OT environments against zero-day targeted attacks.
  • Simulates full ICS environments through OT-profiles which support malware execution and analysis within these contained application environments.


  • Reduces the time to analyze malware, generating actionable intelligence and driving down response times.
  • Simplifies overall security operations by consolidating IT and OT-related malware analysis from a single solution- no need for purchasing separate analysis tools for both environments.

Improve Efficiency

  • Supports real-time business operations by executing and analyzing evasive malware in about 60 seconds, applying ultra-fast and deep malware analysis.
  • Enhances the efficiency of analysis using dynamic analysis with multi-vector AI detection.

OPSWAT Malware Analysis Solution

Orchestrates and automates the process of malware analysis.

Fast, Automated and Accurate

OPSWAT Malware Analysis Solution (MAS) provides a fast automated approach to increase the accuracy of malware detection across both IT and OT environments and reduces the total cost of malware processing.

Intelligent and Comprehensive Protection

OPSWAT Malware Analysis Solution protects your organization from unknown malicious content using an integrated set of detection capabilities including comprehensive static and dynamic analysis technologies, threat intelligence services, and a workflow orchestration framework that automates the process of malware analysis.

Our comprehensive solution provides the most effective static and dynamic analysis capabilities available. Static analysis applies market-leading Multiscanning technology to derive immediate verdicts, while our dynamic analysis applies enhanced SNDBOX technologies.

The Best of Both Worlds

AI-powered sandbox and automated analysis across IT and OT environments.

Smarter Malware Analysis

  • Reimagines malware analysis by providing an integration, orchestration and automation framework which accelerates detection and response.
  • Applies a visual canvas-like environment to easily create and execute analysis workflows, executed automatically as playbooks— without requiring analyst intervention.

High-speed Static Analysis

  • Provides immediate verdicts on potentially malicious filesby applying Multiscanning technology comprising 30+ anti-malware engines.
  • Offers advanced threat prevention with the highest malware detection rates (up to 99%).

Ultra-fast Dynamic Analysis

  • Applies OPSWAT Sandbox to provide dynamic analysis of OPSWAT MAS applies the fastest sandbox technologies in the market, providing accurate verdicts in about 60 seconds.

Undetectable Kernel Agent

  • Leverages a unique kernel-mode agent located between the user mode and the kernel to remain undetected against malware detection avoidance technologies.
  • Detects malicious activities executing from both the user application and the operating system.

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Support

  • Supports multiple IT OSs along with different OT environment profiles to cover analysis across IT and OT platforms.
  • Includes all essential run-time components such as ICS-targeted libraries, services, connected PLCs, registry keys, DLLs, etc.

Multiple Sandbox Profiles

  • Simulates both OT workstations and Human Machine Interface (HMI) environments, including proprietary ICS applications.
  • Provides application-specific OT profiles, creating environments for OT-targeted malware to run and identifying corresponding IOCs and malicious behaviors.

On-premises Threat Intelligence

  • Enriches all analysis IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) with an on-premises threat intelligence repository to help attribute the attacker and create the right mitigations